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Some kishoutenketsu resources

I grew up reading manga but didn’t learn about kishoutenketsu, 起承転結, the narrative structure that governs most (all?) manga until several years ago. Since then, I’ve been fascinated with the structure (even spent a whole year studying it), analyzing manga for it while also experimenting with how to bring it to life in written form.Continue reading “Some kishoutenketsu resources”

Pre-Start Checklist

There are times when I honestly wonder if I even like writing. For example, today I sat down to write and felt overwhelmed by the amount of work still to do for the second collection. I was frustrated with the lack of time, disappointed with the quality of my work, just all around unhappy. SoContinue reading “Pre-Start Checklist”

Just a Routine

I don’t much like talking about my morning routine. Whenever I do, the reactions I get often fall into two buckets: an uncomfortable mix of amazement and disgust (“that’s insane, I could never get up that early everyday”) or an even more uncomfortable series of questions, often determined to uncover an end goal (“so areContinue reading “Just a Routine”

hello there

Welcome to, home of … well, JYB, and their work. As you can see, this site is still under a bit of construction. If you’d like to get updates once I’ve gotten into the rhythm of things, feel free to sign up below. What can you expect if you do sign up? Well, IContinue reading “hello there”


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