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Map || Memories

The map was not written in a hand I recognized, nor was the paper of a familiar weight or quality. But my fingers had known which corners to untuck, which folds to undo, unraveling the tightly bound packet into a roughly flat surface now on my lap.   The hallway was quiet of nurses and patients,Continue reading “Map || Memories”

Commentary and Lessons Learned: Snapshot of a desk space by the window

On the whole, I had a lot of fun with this piece, which ended up being more personal than I thought it would be.  Part of it was because I mined both personal material (ex. Old textbooks, assignments, emails the two times I got bachelors degrees) and existing writing – namely my 2018 project.  PartContinue reading “Commentary and Lessons Learned: Snapshot of a desk space by the window”

Some kishoutenketsu resources

I grew up reading manga but didn’t learn about kishoutenketsu, 起承転結, the narrative structure that governs most (all?) manga until several years ago. Since then, I’ve been fascinated with the structure (even spent a whole year studying it), analyzing manga for it while also experimenting with how to bring it to life in written form.Continue reading “Some kishoutenketsu resources”

Pre-Start Checklist

There are times when I honestly wonder if I even like writing. For example, today I sat down to write and felt overwhelmed by the amount of work still to do for the second collection. I was frustrated with the lack of time, disappointed with the quality of my work, just all around unhappy. SoContinue reading “Pre-Start Checklist”


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