Kishoutenketsu Mini-study: The Great Cocktail Quest

I discovered that NHK World has uploaded a bunch of videos – quite a change as it used to be very hard to find NHK content online.  What especially interested me now was not only the content, but also that these videos offer a great opportunity to study the kishoutenketsu structure in a new format.Continue reading “Kishoutenketsu Mini-study: The Great Cocktail Quest”

Kishoutenketsu’s Musical “Cousin”

An interesting side effect of researching and searching for examples of kishoutenketsu has been an appreciation for the Western narrative structure. Both have their uses: Western structure is very good at getting through a series of events, moving from point A to point B, while kishoutenketsu, in my opinion, is great at revealing a greaterContinue reading “Kishoutenketsu’s Musical “Cousin””

Kishoutenketsu – Thoughts on “Ten”& Examples

(This post will continually be updated as I come across more examples and deepen my understanding – feel free to leave a comment if you have examples to share as well!) Since reviewing the resources I have thus far on kishoutenketsu (起承転結) in my previous post, I’ve been pondering further what has made it soContinue reading “Kishoutenketsu – Thoughts on “Ten”& Examples”

Some kishoutenketsu resources

I grew up reading manga but didn’t learn about kishoutenketsu, 起承転結, the narrative structure that governs most (all?) manga until several years ago. Since then, I’ve been fascinated with the structure (even spent a whole year studying it), analyzing manga for it while also experimenting with how to bring it to life in written form.Continue reading “Some kishoutenketsu resources”