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Intermittent findings #03

Gosh, still can’t believe we’re firmly in the second half of the year. It’s been a rough couple weeks personally, though it’s reminded me of just how important it is to focus on the people and things that fulfill you. Fiction from others I’m not sure if this has been a subconscious thing, but lately…

Intermittent findings #02

Hope everyone’s doing well, especially with the intense weather all over the world lately. In any case, it looks like these “findings” will be a monthly affair. Be safe, wherever you are! Fiction from others I was first introduced to the manga “Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san” or “Kiyo in Kyoto” through the anime on NHK…

A Red Rider’s guide to a Red Riders game: Return to the Dark Forest

Introduction Hi everyone, it’s turtle551 and I’m so excited that you’re here reading our guide for “Return to the Dark Forest.” Being of Red Rider lineage, I was really curious about “Return to the Dark Forest” when it was announced. Okay, maybe more worried than curious, considering how special T.D. Group’s “Beyond the Mists of…

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